Upcoming Work Parties or Events

Friends of MNWR Annual Meeting - September 13, 2014

Business meeting at P Ranch at 9 am, lunch at noon, birding from 1:30 - 4pm;
Dry camping for tents/RVs Friday and Saturday on P Ranch grounds, bath and kitchen in P Ranch house.

Further Information about Accommodations

For the volunteer housing, bring your own linens, food, and other supplies. The buildings are heated; there are fully equipped kitchens; restrooms; and washers/dryers. There is also room for RVs and for tent campers.

Please contact Alice Elshoff at 541-389-3543 or calice58@gmail.com for more information or to sign up, or you can contact us. Invite your friends to come too - there will be opportunities for bird and other wildlife viewing, evening potlucks, and lots of story swapping - this is why they are called "work parties".

Thanks, hope to see many of you this spring.