Upcoming Word Parties

Volunteer Interpreters during Carp Research Project at Malheur Lake - May 19 through May 30.

Carp at MalheurVolunteers will be oriented and receive information about this project in order to interact with and educate the visiting public. Volunteers will work one three-hour shift a day either at the Visitor Center or the Boat Landing Road site where fisherman will bring in the catch, explaining the project to the visiting public.  Malheur NWR and Friends MNWR have partnered with several other organizations to bring in commercial fishermen to capture 10,000 carp from May 19-30, 2014; carp will be tagged, and age/length/weight data will be recorded to determine the carp population estimates of Malheur Lake. This project is being watched nationally to see whether commercial fishing is a viable carp control strategy; and whether it is economically feasible to use the carp for food and fertilizer. Carp is an invasive species threatening the aquatic health of the waters at Malheur because carp destroy aquatic vegetation that migrating waterfowl depend on. The work is scheduled for May 19 through May 30 to capture and tag the carp; but if you would like to volunteer anytime during the two-week period May 19-30, please contact us if you would like to volunteer for this project. Accommodations will be at the fire bunkhouse, and if necessary other volunteer housing on the refuge; limited RV space and tent camping is available.

Bobolink Count - June 6, 7, 8

Volunteers will spread out over six routes to count Bobolinks. Accommodations at the P Ranch volunteer house. A whole lot of fun. Bring gear to keep your legs and feet dry, plus insect repellant. The more people we get, the more (wet meadow) ground we can cover. We have 5 volunteers signed up so far, but we'd like to have at least 12 to cover all the routes! Please contact Alice Elshoff (see below) if you can help out on any of these days.

Further Information about Accommodations

For the volunteer housing, bring your own linens, food, and other supplies. The buildings are heated; there are fully equipped kitchens; restrooms; and washers/dryers. There is also room for RVs and for tent campers.

Please contact Alice Elshoff at 541-389-3543 or calice58@gmail.com for more information or to sign up, or you can contact us. Invite your friends to come too - there will be opportunities for bird and other wildlife viewing, evening potlucks, and lots of story swapping - this is why they are called "work parties".

Thanks, hope to see many of you this spring.